Traveling to ancient places, things to know!

Taking a trip to visit historical sites, archaeological ruins or sites protected by international organizations such as UNESCO is not the same as taking a walk through a common museum. There are some tips that can improve your experience when visiting ancient places.


First, find out the rules of the site.


They generally consist of measures to preserve the monument or the artifacts present; not to touch, stay in an area enabled for tourists and take pictures without camera flash. Needless to say, you should not leave garbage or clutter in your path through ancient places


Avoid the Crowds


Then, it is recommended that you avoid the crowds so that you enjoy your stay to the fullest. Plan your visit in the hours of little visitors influx and in seasons of little visit of tourists if possible. Many historical sites have websites where you can check this information and use it to organize your visit in the best possible way. You should also plan the places you do not want to miss and make sure those attractions will be available during your visit.


You must also take into account the balance between budget and comfort. You can usually pay for services that guide your visit, such as bus tours and tour guides, although sometimes these options limit your visit to their established itinerary. If you cannot afford the perfect trip you may have to walk for many hours or make long lines, but that allows you to arrange your trip according to your personal preferences. In any case, pack water and snacks to minimize expenses and prepare to enjoy the experience to the fullest. Be patient and remember you have a reason to be there: experience a special place and have some fun.


Do not be scared if the plan changes


Finally, do not be scared if the plan changes. Accidents happen and the only way they do not ruin your visit to an ancient place is that you prepare in advance. Keep your cell phone always charged (and if possible with internet connection) and have basic emergency numbers such as police and health services at hand; in addition to contacts with your hotel and your insurance if you are far away from home. Never forget your ID and some cash in case you need to solve an emergency. If you want to be even more cautious, have on hand service numbers like the ones offered by, always ready to help you if you have an accident with your car or motorcycle.


Travelers and tourists come and go, but these outstanding places stay so keep in mind that the most important thing about visiting an ancient place is that you enjoy respecting the rules, so that in the future other people can enjoy a visit like yours. Have fun in the company of those you love and traveled with you or find some travel buddies along the way if you’re traveling alone and create memories that will last a lifetime. Now dare to have an adventure in an ancient place!